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About James

James Dixon, (Hons.)BA, CH, CKM is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Knowledge Manager who has been offering his visionary leadership to numerous individuals, diverse organizations and causes for 30 years. As a consulting hypnotist he helps clients with many aspects of daily living such as: managing stress, anxiety, phobias and fears, habitual behaviour, sleep and other health issues, and self-esteem.

Another key area of James' expertise focuses on athletes and professionals who are seeking excellence in their fields. He developed a unique mental training program which, although it was originally designed for certain professional and amateur athletes, also applies to other athletes of all ages and sports.

His program helps athletes to develop mental skills that complement their physical and technical training. This program was mentioned in the book “The Northern Game” by Bob Elliot, regarding James' work with an Olympic athlete and a former Triple-A baseball pitcher.

James has a lifelong interest in human potential, the human mind and the ability to change. He received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology, an Honours B.A. in Psychology, and postgraduate courses in business. James is a Certified Knowledge Manager. He is also certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Master Practitioner in NLP from NLP Canada and Grinder & Associates, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and German New Medicine Level IV.

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